Useful Software & Web Tools


Here are some software packages and web tools that are useful for working with POI files:

  • POI Loader - Garmin's software for uploading sending POI files to your Garmin device.
  • Extra_POI_Editor - turboccc's utility for creating POI files and tour guides.
  • TTSVoiceEditor - turboccc's utility for editing Garmin voice files; works with models that have TTS (text to speach).
  • GPX Clean - camerabob's utility cleans up spaces, abbreviations, etc.; option to convert to CSV format.
  • GeePeeEx Editor - Hornbyp's GPX editor helps you produce files that take full advantage of the GPX format; handles many model-specific formatting issues.
  • PoiEdit - converts among several formats including Garmin CSV and TomTom OV2
  • Basecamp - For managing trips, routes, tracks and waypoints between computer and device.

Other useful tools and software:

  • Garmin Express - Garmin Express is your essential tool for updating and managing all your Garmin devices.
  • WebUpdater - Use WebUpdater to update certain device software without needing an Internet web browser.

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