Keeping the Windmill Alive - Where was your last trip with your GPS?


If anyone is in danger of losing their windmill, maybe you can share with us the last place your GPS took you and if you encountered any problems, or if you use it to seek out special places to go. (Like Thai Food, ice cream shoppes, etc.) Anything to keep your windmill alive smile.

This isn't my last trip, but I thought I'd share this.

My sister and her husband just got back from England and Scotland. Before they left they purchased a Nuvi 270. She said it saved their marriage.

With absolute accuracy, it took them down old dirt wagon roads and goat paths until they reached their destination - an old English cottage in the middle of no where that belonged to an old aunt. I saw the pictures of these four ft. wide dirt roads and was amazed that a GPS even knew they existed.

The GPS also was a big help in city driving as well.
After much debate, they were truly happy with their decision to buy it for this trip. She said the could have rented one for $20 a day out there and they stayed 20 days. Considering they paid $400 for it here in the US, it paid for itself. My sister said that if she never used it again, she got her monies worth!
(Being a golfer and a motorcycist, I'm sure she'll be using it again, and again.)

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Altoona, Pa

I had my GPS along with me for the motorcycle trip from Michigan to Penna but I wasn't able to order and receive a handlebar mount quickly enough for it to be of use on the trip.
Also, my Garmin 760 came with the TMC antenna and that's too long to fit into the cigarette lighter so it was battery power only.
I wonder if they make a 90 degree adapter for cigarette lighters?
I did turn it on and set the FM transmitter and my radio and put it in the windshield pouch but to get it to work I had to lift the flap to the pouch every once in a while to get the voice directions over the radio.
It did get us to a place in Laurel Highlands so it wasn't too bad just not the best.

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. - Herm Albright

right angle lighter plug adaptors

klemtown wrote:

I wonder if they make a 90 degree adapter for cigarette lighters?

Yes, they do. Also adapters with a variable angle. This link is a good place to look:

KC5WNK - David, in League City, Texas - Nuvi 200W

Driving from Ohio to the

Driving from Ohio to the Outer Banks in a couple weeks. It will be the first out of state trip since January. I can't wait to leave.

In Search of Elvis and the World's Largest Chili Dog

My wife and I took a two week trip from Atlanta via Mississippi to Memphis, down to Purley - Dallas - and Austin Texas, and back. It was our first use of the Garmin Nuvi 760, and it was spectacular! We have had GPS units in our vehicles for many years, but the Custom POIs of the Garmin is THE ONLY WAY to take roadtrips. I prepared an Excel spreadsheet of the sights we wanted to see, and then I found as many addresses as I could and then captured GPS coordinates through Then we simply used the Custom POIs section of the Gramin to travel.

We saw far more than we normally see! We didn't miss seeing things that were just around the corner because the Garmin showed us everything nearby to wherever we were.

By the way, the World's Largest Chili Dog does not yet exist in Purley, Texas...but we hope to erect it there. Funny story.

My wife and I travel on two-lane roads, photograph, and write books about our travels. Some of our stories are at We're working on adding the GPS coordinates for over 100,000 sights to see in America -- everything from the Grand Canyon to the World's Largest Ball of Twine.


To the shooting range to try out the new Springfield XD Whoopee!


Thanks for the info.
I'll check them out.

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. - Herm Albright

Just starting out...

I just got a Nuvi 750 at Sam's last week and it was the best impulsive purchase I think I've ever made! We just barely scratched the surface of learning what is possible with it, but straight out of the box, it has already been very helpful.

I just used it to get us from Worcester, MA to Stamford, CT - I generally know my way, but often take wrong turns around the cities. The nuvi was great in helping me stay on track (I love the 're-calculating...' once I veer off the suggested path).

Never even heard of POI till this evening. Trying to get my brain around it and use my GPS to its fullest potential!


Feeling the pinch

Would love to drive around and use the Nuvi but with gas at over $4 a gallon, who's got the money to have a Sunday drive anymore!

-Garmin Nuvi 760 & 765T-

Last trip

I used my Nuvi 255w to attend the 4th of July concert at Miller Outdoor Theather in Houston. I love their street address: 101 Concert Drive! The only problem: Houston police blocked all the roads leading into the theater, so you had to park a few blocks away and walk into the open air theater.

Windy City

Just took the GPS on a trip to Chicago from Lexington, KY (3 trips in the past 4 weeks). It's great. Allows us to avoid the toll roads and able to stop anywhere for food.

NUVI 650

Ohio/West Virginia trip

I bought my first GPS unit (nuvi 200) the week of July 4th. My son and I used it to go to Canton & Cleveland Ohio and then to Point Pleasant WV on the way back home to Robbinsville, NC. No need for a GPS here at home, what with only 3 traffic lights in the whole county. Now Cleveland was a whole new ball game. The nuvi 200 is a great unit for a entry level GPS nerd like myself. It did an outstanding job getting us from A to B. Used it to locate our nearest favorite eating places along the interstate and a few nice local places around our destinations. The only drawback is the voice on my unit seems to have a speech impediment on left turns. She says "turn bleft".smile I don't care how it sounds as long as she knows how to get me there. The tech support from Garmin has been great. Answered my questions perfectly each time. I give them an A+ so far.
The trip was great. Went to the Football HOF and the Rock & Roll HOF in Ohio. The went to the home of the "Mothman" in Point Pleasant, WV. That was the subject matter of the movie "The Mothman Prohpecies" with Richard Gere. Nice museum there of Mothman artifacts. Nice friendly folks too. It was a great little side trip on the way home. Hope to try out the nuvi again in a few weeks on a trip to Fort Walton Beach Florida.

Strong Toy Museum in NY

Great museum.. It's basically a big playground where you could play with your kids in Rochester NY.

Not my last trip but my

Not my last trip but my favorite. A 16 day 5700 mile motorcycle trip from Milwaukee to Tijuana. My Garmin 2720 helped me find gas stations, motels, campgrounds, and restaurants. I also used it to track my Iron Butt BBG1500 (1500 miles in less than 24 hours) ride. This was fun!!
The story..........

I'm still planning this years ride.


Bass lake

Bass Lake, CA

Garmin Nuvi 660, GTM 20 Traffic Receiver, eTrex Vista HCx, Mapsource US Topo Maps 2008, Mapsource MetroGuide USA V.5 with MetroGold

Washington and Oregon road trip

This was our first serious road trip with the nuvi 760. In the "old" days, I'd be pouring over paper maps every day of the trip, planning our routes, struggling with the maps inside the car while navigating, making notes of exits on a separate piece of paper, etc, etc. etc...

The days before our departure, I created a special POI file for our trip that contained our main destinations (e.g. Mt. St Helens, Sea Lion Caves, Oregon Sand Dunes, the motel we stayed in, an outlet center my wife wanted to shop in, etc.) I debated whether I should upload routes but I thought pre-planned routes were too restrictive. With a wife and 2 kids in tow, plans could change any minute any day.

My wife now thinks the GPS is well worth the money. It saved us a lot of time searching for places to eat. Just a few clicks to find Food places near our current route and bingo, it gave us restaurant choices we never would have thought of.

At one point, it also gave us a route that both saved us time and also provided a scenic view of the coast. I would have headed straight for the boring I-5 if not for the nuvi.

Our 3-month free traffic subscription is still active and again, the nuvi re-routed us off I-5 when we hit downtown Portland at rush hour. In so doing, it took us through beautiful downtown Portland for about 10 minutes, and still saved us from about 30 minutes of sitting in traffic.

I cannot imagine our family road trips now without the Garmin nuvi 760! It's both a fancy toy and a tool. Totally love it.


Took a nice trip from LA to Canada all the way on the 1-5 with nothing but my nuvi 350. Lifesaver I must say!

weekend trip

Went on a weekend trip with my Nuevi, I liked the possibility to switch between road map and topo map.

Toured old ghost towns and mines..

Had a great back roads trip and visited a lot of AZ frontier history....and it was only 112 degrees (a dry heat though).

To HOT for me!!!

FPichon wrote:

Had a great back roads trip and visited a lot of AZ frontier history....and it was only 112 degrees (a dry heat though).

AZ is just to hot for me in the summer. No air conditioning on the bike. Even at 80 miles an hour it's like driving in a convection oven. We do all our trips on the motorcycle so we lay low in the summer months but making plans to hit the highway again this fall.

FPichon, can you share the places you visited. If you have the poi's on your trip and would like to share them, it would make me one happy camper (Don't really camp LOL).

Nuvi 750 And a 2006 Star Venture between my legs.

Speed Alerts

I drove from Rockford, IL to Rochester, MN on Sunday. I got a 39 MPH Speed Alert at every exit along I-39/90 and I-90 along the route. What's up with that?

Jihad THIS!! Political Correctness is a doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

short trip to Galveston, Texas

Back in June. I didn't even know about POI files.

Anyway, my 25 year old daughter and I took my 5 year old grandson to Slitterbahn in Galveston.

Now, back in the day we used to run the roads. My daughter was my navigator, with the maps and all. We always left hours early in case we got lost - and we usually did get lost. And we did not travel at night for fear of getting lost in the dark.

With the GPS we left home at 8PM so we could travel when it was coolest and my grandson might sleep most of the way. We not only never got lost, the GPS guided us thru the ridiculous construction work that is never ending on I-10 between here and there. At one point we had to detour in an unfamiliar area in the wee hours. Not a problem with the GPS.

The ongoing construction caused some interesting moments, too. Several times Jill seemed to think we were mud diggin thru the fields along I-10. Also, during our stay she kept instructing me to make an illegal left turn near our hotel.

Oddly, the GPS avoided the ferry - which was a disapointment.

I used my dad's c340 for that trip. I've ordered my own Nuvi 360 for my next one. It'll be in this week. smile

Garmin Streetpilot c340, Garmin Nuvi 360

Oil Field work and Last trip to Red River NM

I work in the Oklahoma and Texas oil field and use my Garmin daily. It has been a life saver some days. I use it to mark locations and set routes for other employees.

My last trip to Red River NM I took my Garmin Nuvi with me on the 4wd drive trails and to my suprise some of them displayed. For you that know the area their are several gold mines and old settlements on the 4wd trails. I would really like to see a poi file made for this area with the mines and settlement marked. The next time I am up there I will try to start making one.

By the way if you have a 4 wheeler or OHV of some type and gps. This is a great place to visit and and a beautiful drive thru the mountains.

Have a great day everyone.

Have I ever been here????

Trip for next month

My wife and I are planning a weekend getaway next month. We are going to the Bavarian Inn and Lodge in WV. Neither one of us have been there before, so we are looking forward to it. The Nuvi has not failed us yet!

-Mike Nuvi 360 Samsung M520 Sprint (Bluetooth'd)

Keeping my windmill alive

I use my GPS on my recent roadtrip.

Val - Nuvi 785t and Streetpilot C340


To the hospital for spinal surgery.
I was going to ask the doctor for pictures, but I did not have the guts.

Yet, I may have enjoyed seeing my guts.



Glad your GPS brought you to the right hospital. Hope you're healing well.

How are you getting home? A GPS can only do so much ya know. wink

Originator of Keeping Your Windmill Alive. Live in MA & have a cooking website. 6 yr. member.

Went to Detroit

yeah, the Big D.

-Garmin Nuvi 760 & 765T-

For my new job

I work part time for a Honda dealer and swap cars with other dealers. So I use my 750 to find the Honda dealers I need to find in the Tri-State area.

Nuvi 50LM Nuvi 2555LM

Illinois and Missouri

My wife is leaving tomorrow on a trip that will take her from Phoenix to Missouri and to Chi-town and back again. I've downloaded POIs into her Nuvi for coffee stops, rest areas, redlight cameras, and pet friendly lodging, since she's taking our dog with her.

I recently used my Nuvi to navigate around the LA Metro Area.

Nuvi 2597 / Nuvi 2595 / Nuvi 680 / Nuvi 650 "Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment."

Keeping it alive

Less than 2 weeks away from another long 4-day weekend trip to Virginia Wineries. Yea!!!

Also used this weekend with my wife's aunt and uncle in town to navigate around the bad traffic in Pigeon Forge and Sevierville, Tennessee. The traffic alert never went off, but I know where the bad trafic starts and zipped off to back and side roads before we hit the bumper-to-bumper stuff.

Nuvi 660 owner.

San Franciso and Monterrey

Just had a business trip to Monterrey. Since my fiancee went with me, I left her with the car and NUVI while I was in my meetings. She was able to explore and find all the great attractions while never worrying about getting back to the hotel.

Once I got off of the meetings, we used it to locate areas like the Golden Gate Bridge, Pebble Beach, Big Sur, Lombard Street, and many fine restuarants.

Garmin Nuvi 2699 with 2017.30 Maps


I was running errands for my brother who just had surgery... POIs were a godsend.

Indiana to Gulf Shores AL

For my grandson's first trip to the beach.

Isaiah 40:31


CherylMASS wrote:

Glad your GPS brought you to the right hospital. Hope you're healing well.

How are you getting home? A GPS can only do so much ya know. wink

As long as they did the correct surgery! Wait a minute, where is my....

OH CRAP it's gone!

I can NOT live without that!

No, I have it, I took it off my window mount the day before surgery.

I thought I lost my Garmin!

Close call...

SLC to Evanston, WY

My wife had a modeling shoot in Evanston, WY yesterday, so we drove about 85 miles from SLC along I-80. Not a bad little trip though the mountains...however, we counted about 30 dead deer and elk along the side of the highway on the way there. :-/

Evanston is a nice little railroad town, and we spent the day in an old rail yard that had a turntable and a roundhouse.

I didn't really need the GPS since SLC is a straight shot via I-80, but I brought it along to tag the coordinates so we could go back sometime in the future, the town is pretty small too, but it’s always nice being able to navigate the small streets with ease.

If you can't learn to do something well, learn to enjoy doing it poorly.

Boston to Florida by Plane

A short 4 day trip to Florida. I have the fastest MPH on my Nuvi, that I have ever had. 594 MPH. That speed was on the return trip yesterday. A strong tail wind per the Captain. Going down, it recorded 547 MPH, a strong headwind. Had no problems with using it on US Air. I had it on my tray for most of the trip with a window seat.

Paul..... Nuvi 765T

Recent Trip

Used my 200W on a trip last week from Philly area to the NC Outer Banks - visiting lighthouses and the beach. On way back this past Sunday we hit a 1.5 mile dead stop backup (in a horrific rain storm)getting on I95 near Wilmington, DE. Hit Detour and got routed through the Christiana Mall and back onto I95 past the major problem. Saved me at least 30 minutes - especially with a low gastank due to not wanting to stop in the pouring rain.
My elderly passenger (92 years old) in the back seat was just amazed that such a device exists.

Steve W.

Steve W. - nuvi 50LM, 255W & 200W - Philadelphia, PA area

Slowly I turned ... step by step ... inch by inch

Yesterday, I made a short day trip from SW NYS (where I am on holiday) to see Niagara Falls from the Canadian side. I had never been there.

Daniel (the directions voice of my GPSr) wanted to take me a non-fastest way but he agreed with me after recalculating. He was forgiven when he took me by the duty-free shop on the way back to the Rainbow Bridge.

Audrey (the voice for most of my POIs) was also helpful. Although she announced the border crossings, she complained that I had not given her the job of announcing the location of duty-free shops.

They both missed their companion (Valentine One), whom I had to stow away before entering Canada. They were all happily reunited within five minutes of leaving the border crossing on the way back.


nüvi 1490T, V1, Sanyo PRO-700a, maps, sunglasses, hot co-pilot, the open road

It's raining here in St. Louis

Rain rain go away.

Val - Nuvi 785t and Streetpilot C340

My last trip

I went from DC to western NC. Learned a few things about my Nuvi. Had some quewstions too. The traffic service lost the fm signal when I needed it most AAARGH!


Got rid of the POI for Exits on I-90 and 94. The alerts went away. Sure was annoying.....

Jihad THIS!! Political Correctness is a doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

I love that place! Right

I love that place! Right around the corner from me.

My last trip was to NYC

I used a garmin nuvi 350 to go to a wedding in NYC
It was able to take me all the way to my final address with one stop on the way with out much of a problem. It told what side the exits were and how far each one was. My Mom like the way it told that
we had arrived at a location


Bay Bridge Tolls

aztecvspec002 wrote:

yeah thats true..i work just across the chesapeake bay bridge 8 miles away. the toll avoidance is over 100 miles away..hahaha thanks for the info! i think ill set that feature on a trip by trip basis.
thanks again!

The last time I went to the Eastern Shore you only paid a toll going east. Therefore whenever you go to the western shore take the bridge. When you go to the Eastern Shore go up to Baltimore, avoid the tunnel and turnpike, go to Elkton and then back down. grin

For those of you who are grammar conscious - the Eastern Shore of Maryland is capitalized while the western shore isn't. That is because the Eastern Shore is God's country.

Last Trip With GPS

King Of Prussia Mall, PA had to use detour worked great, also the bluetooth phone.

Newbie with a Nuvi 360

Rapid City, SD to Salt Lake City, UT

Garmin c340 in a rented Kia Sedona mini-van; nice for the wife and kids. The maps in Rapid City were completely off!!! Only I-90 was accurate. The ride through WY: Devils Tower, Big Horns, Shoshone, & Yellowstone were all right on, as was the Tetons and through Idaho to SLC.

Nuvi-no where

quote-(the last place your GPS took you)

My gps couldn't take us there we had to use the automobile but my gps got us there.

Sorry evil he made do it laugh out loud

I took my NUVI 350 to a grave yard

My other hobby is genealogy. I sometimes goes to cemeterys to look for ancestors grave markers. I had not been since I purchaced my GPS and the last time I went I took "Jill" along.

After spending several hours trying to locate particular gravestones (even with the help of cemetery plot maps) , I found the grave markers I was looking for.

I held "Jill" directly over the grave stone of interest and saved my current location and named it after the ancestor in question.

When I got back home I had enought data to create a small POI file of grave markers.

I will never wast time again looking for those particular graves again!


I have seen the future and it is now!

We took our NUVI 680 1750 miles to New England and back home

Our starting point was our home in Westminster, Maryland. This was the first long distance over-the-road test for "Jill" since she became our navigator last month. My wife and I were impressed as we drove through/around New York City on I95. Traffic was backed up and not moving, and we did not have much advance notice. But Jill announced "severe traffic ahead." and began re-routing us around the congestion. The first re-route occurred when we were backed up getting to a toll both. Jill had us take a short dogleg that brought us back onto the road within just a few carlengths of the toll booth.

The second and third times were more exciting. Jill re-routed us via 181st St and Broadway -- I believe this is Harlem (I'd never driven in NYC and am not familiar with it at all). The in-town traffic was heavy but moving, and a couple NYC drivers were very kind in letting me merge or turn left at intersections that did not have left turn arrows. At the right moment, Jill put us back on I95 north, and voila!! the traffic had all but disappeared!! Amazing! We lost an hour on that leg, but probably would have lost two or more if it had not been for Jill. Jill directed us across the George Washington Bridge -- our Rhode Island friends told us later that the Tappanzee bridge would have been a better route. I remember seeing signs for the latter, but Jill did not direct us that way, and we had already decided to trust her.

Jill took us everywhere we asked, with precision, to North Scituate, Middleton, and Newport, RI, Acadia, Portland and Saco, ME, and Plymouth, Mass.

The only disappointment we had was as we left Plymouth on Monday morning, destination Scranton, Pa. We asked Jill to get there via the fastest route. She directed us north from Plymouth on I495 to catch (I90, I think) west. But I495 was under construction, and the backup just to get on was over a mile. At no time did our traffic receiver map indicate this massive backup. We pulled out the old paper map and rerouted ourselves. As we passed over I495, traffic was not moving and all lanes were jam packed.

There is no direct Interstate route from Plymouth to Scranton, but we solved that problem by asking Jill to take us the "shortest distance," which is a southern trel via US Routes state highways, and a few smaller roads. After we finally connected with I84 (in NY, I think), we quickly got back up to speed and made up a little bit of the time lost. If we had stuck to the original I495 route out of Plymouth, we would still be stuck in traffic!!

Once on I84, we asked Jill to revert to "fastest time" mode. She led us past Scranton, around Harrisburg through Gettysburg, and back home to Westminster with unerring accuracy.

All things considered, we like our NUVI and are satisified with its performance.


Montana trip

Last week my wife and I went from California to Montana to retrieve my daughter and move her back to California. My wife planned a route that went up through Oregon and then over through Idaho, and on into Montana. She likes to take smaller highways rather than boring freeways so we see more interesting scenery. (Craters of the Moon National Monument is mind boggling and, of course, we had to swing through West Yellowstone to get a tiny corner of the park there.)

She gave me a list of towns and I created the route in Mapsource and sent it to the nüvi 760. We took a couple of days getting there - spent two nights in motels - and then a few days in Montana loading up. It was great. We sidetracked quite a bit to geocache along the way and the unit put us right back onto our route when we were ready to continue. (It doubled as a geocaching assistant as well - replacing the PDA that I normally use to get all the cache details. What an awesome unit.)

On the way back from Montana I just told the nüvi to route us. I actually put in one via point so we would start the trip the way we wanted but, for the vast majority of the trip home, we simply followed the route the nüvi said to take. It was the fastest route and we only spent one night in a motel on the return trip.

My wife wants a GPS of her own now. smile

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