my nuvi 360 not working!



I just want to share my experience, first of all I love my nuvi, have it for 3 months, then suddenly yesterday when I try to power it up it's dead, tried direct power, car plug no use, LUCKY I bought an extra 1 yr extented warranty and Best buy replace it back with their store demo, can't say no they told me If I can wait for 1 week which I cannot they will replace it straight from the box. So here I am again playing with my store demo nuvi....the moral lesson for these:
when you buy these gadget with a very high sale value spend a few bucks for warranties, about dishonest sales people who told me that they do not have a stock I still believe in "karma" (Best Buy, Progress road location Scarborough Ontario) by the way I ask my freind to call the store if they have the stock, they said they have 4 left......thanks jjose61

Some Credit Cards extend your warranty

With most of the premium gold or platinum credit cards you usually have extended warranty for most merchandise - up to an extra year. But you have to charge the whole thing. I guess that rules out cars and houses...By the way many of them don't even have annual fees.