how do i use mapsource on nuvi350? (custom routes/maps)


I understand that mapsource is garmin's program to load customroutes/maps. I have the map update 2008 dvd i got for free from garmin for buying gps w/ the old maps. I've tried launching mapsource program (50mb download) but it says i don't have a registration code.

you aren't able to transfer

you aren't able to transfer routes, just locations

You will need to register

You will need to register your Nuvi first, the instructions are in the box the GPS came in. If you are still having trouble you can call Garmin and they will walk you through the process, average wait times are 20-30 minutes though.

The other poster is correct, you can only download waypoints. Once you have input the locations in MapSource you do a Save As to a .gpx file. Then connect the Nuvi to your computer and use the download tool in MapSource or if you want use the POI downloader software. Either tool works fine.

Nuvi 360, OS X Lion 10.7

MapSource dl & Installation Resource.

In his handy post at, Hornbyp (Phil Hornby, Stockport, England) points the way to a free, easy, and immediate way to install the MapSource application on your computer.


- Keith

- Keith