POI alerts


Will certain POI alert types activate regardless of following an active route or just driving in map mode?

Not entirely sure

I'm not entirely sure what you are asking BUT my C330 gives me POI alerts whether I am driving a set route or just driving in Map mode !

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Same with my C550, however

Same with my C550, however only certain POI's such as redlight cameras. What about GATSO, speed, SPECS, etc type catagories. For example, I would like to have a rest area csv file set-up with a proximity alert that would activate within one to two miles. Many of the newer rest areas are far enough from the highway that they can be considered to be off your active route. Yes I know that the manual POI Loader option can probably handle this, but it can be trying to manually set several hundred POI files.

nuvi 350

My 350 will alert even when I'm not in the map or route mode. As for the rest area issue, I've had better notification when I entered it with a speed alert. It notifies me earlier.

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