MAC and ".gpx" file download problem


I'm downloading the Dunkin Donuts POI on a Mac and it keeps downloading the file as a text (Dunkin.gpx.txt) file which the POI loader is not recognizing. Any help?

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I suspect

I susoect that you should remove the".txt" and try just "Dunkin.gpx"

POI Loader will only load .CSV, .gpx, .bmp & .mp3
files as I understand it !

Someone correct me if I'm wrong !

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RE: Someone correct me if I'm wrong !

Nope. You are entirely correct. Also, make certain you are using the released (not beta) version of the POI loader.


Thanks. I'll check for the non beta version. I did remove the "text" tag but still didn't work. I'll try again.

nuvi350 – I'd be "LOST" without it?


If it doesn't work with the non-beta version, try downloading the file again and be sure that when you save it, it saves as Dunkin.gpx.