old maps still showing


Hello everyone,

I have successfully updated my Nuvi Drive 51 with the latest map City Navigator North America NT 2024.20

When I go into my GPS Under Settings MyMaps and I look at the installed maps beside the new 2024.20 version it still showing the 2024.10 version with a check mark enabled beside it.

Any ideas why is this? Is there a manual way to delete that entry from the GPS? I have tried connect the GPS to the PC to look on the back-end storage, but not sure where to look. Under the root drive Map there are only 3 files

both the gma and unl are the unlock file, the img file is the actual map file.


Connect back to GE and see

Connect back to GE and see fi ti offers new maps or show already updated. If it show updated, beside to reboot the unit to finish the install. Hold the off button until is offers to Power Off.

Frank DriveSmart55 37.322760, -79.511267


If GE doesn't delete an older map it'll be because either GE didn't put it there or some change, eg renaming or moving it, was carried out.

Don't worry about the names, look at the dates of the .img files. Map files will either be in a Garmin folder on an installed sd card, or in .system folder or Map folder on the device itself. The older map will have a much older file date. You can simply manually delete it.

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Thank you everyone for the

Thank you everyone for the replies.
This is what I found out. The current main map files are located at


The supplement map files such as Foursquare, Parkpedia (parking lots)
are located at:

There is also a directory

\Map (this one is not under .System)
This is where I found that old map file and I just deleted from there.