Garmin Nuvi 2595 takes a couple of hours of driving to disply " Where to" screen


I have a Garmin Nuvi 2595. I plugged in the power cord to usb charging port 2 days before attempting to use. Plugged into cig lighter in car, the start screen displayed "Garmin" and the warning and "agree" button, which i tapped. Screen then went dark, and stayed dark. After several attempts, I just left it plugged in and attached to windshield.
3+hours and several stops later, the unit finally started up and behaved in a fairly normal manner, although it would often wait until I was in the intersection before telling me which way to turn, and when I chose a different route would keep trying to re-direct me to the original route even though that would have taken both more time AND more distance by a significant amount. ( My route choice changes were due to local construction and congestion. )

Is there a cure for the long delay in function, and a way to cure the route cue issue ?

THANKS for any help !

battery not charged

Welcome to POI Factory, Doug! You came to the right place! Many members are ready to discuss your questions.

In my opinion, the problem was caused by the nuvi battery not being fully charged, even after using a USB port to charge. The usual USB port delivers 1/2 amp of power - a small amount.

If the USB port stays on, it might take 6 hours to charge the nuvi battery, and that is a big if! The port could have gone to sleep when the computer was not in use. The power then turns off.

If the nuvi battery is discharged, only a wall charger will be able to bring it to full charge.

The nuvi did not get a good fix. After charging the nuvi fully, put it outside in a clear area for about a half hour. It will get a good fix and download satellite almanac data. Again, this depends on the nuvi battery being charged enough to run the nuvi for a half hour on its own.

It is very cold in northern Nevada. Cold weather can reduce the battery capacity by 50%. This just makes things worse for the battery.

A couple of things to add

I note the wording “several stops later”. It should be noted that the unit, when the car was turned off, may have gone into standby mode which is not really off and depending on the vehicle, it isn’t charging either. So there was still some battery drain. Doing the charging as dobs108 has mentioned should do a better job of getting the unit to a full charge.

If you aren’t using the unit in the car, force it to “true” OFF by holding the power button until prompted to turn OFF, about 15 seconds. With the dice OFF and plugged in, the battery then will charge faster

John from PA