nuvi 1300 VS Windows 10


I have a nuvi 1300 that works fine in every aspect of it being a GPS navigator.

The problem is it doesn't get along with Windows 10 Pro x64. It shows up as a USB Mass Storage device in the safely remove list. Disk Management shows the internal memory as an unallocated drive and the SD card as not initialized.

Garmin Express and the web updater cannot detect it.

I have tried several USB cables and different ports ALL of which work with other devices, including my RightWay RW200.

The last time I did anything with connecting this nuvi 1300 to a PC, I was using Windows 7 Pro x64 on a completely different computer. I figured I'd get out the old thing and see if there's any updates for it and...

I have done the reset by holding the lower right corner then turning it on.

Is there some "secret handshake" to force it into MTP mode or something?

Go to the Dashboard and

Go to the Dashboard and press and hold the speedometer. This should take you to an area where you can make the change.

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use a USB2 port

If the PC has a USB2 port, use that one. Plug directly into the computer, not a USB hub. Use the Garmin USB cable that came with the GPS.

Just to make it clear here,

Just to make it clear here, Windows 10 is not the problem and neither is the GPS. I used a Windows 11 machine to update my 1300LM two weeks ago and had no connection issues. The laptop in question has no USB 2.0 ports.

Regardless of my experience, in your situation I would follow dobs108's advice first, and then follow the other advice given if needed.

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nuvi 1300 VS Windows 10

It might be a corrupted USB driver. First try uninstalling and reinstalling Garmin Express. If that does not work, then do a full system backup. Remove all usb connected devices. Go into Device Manager and delete all of the USB ports. Shut down Windows 10 and then restart the computer. All of the usb ports should be detected, and get reinstalled. Replug the usb devices into the computer one at a time. I have had problems previously where certain usb printers did not get detected correctly.

thanks garmin-nuvi-user!

Re-detecting the USB ports is good advice.