POI Editor


I had been using Turbo CC, but it now constantly comes up with script error. I did a search for an alternative and found POI Editor.com.

Is anyone familiar with it?

It is free, so that is a plus.

Does anyone have an alternative?

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Script errors ...

The only script errors I get (on Win10) are solved by going to the Options menu and un-checking "Enable Internet". This has been a problem for quite a few years since Google changed their map access policies.
You will loose map displays but you can always look at the file in Basecamp or export to KMZ and load it in Google Maps.

There is a hot key (Ctrl + W) that toggles Internet on/off and if you turn it on just before right-clicking a POI entry to select "Open in Street View" there is no script error although there is a Google error in the Street View popup, it has a link to view in Google Maps which works but prompts you to use Edge instead of IE. Just hit Ctrl + W after you close the maps and you're good.

Alternatives to EPE? I haven't found anything nearly as versatile or functional, especially if you have a Garmin and use GPX or GPI files.

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I went and unchecked the internet option.

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