SD card warning


We are in the middle of a 5200 mile round trip and when I turned on my Drivesmart 61 the other day a message popped up saying something to the affect that the SD card in the Garmin device is no longer useable and should be replaced.

There isn't a lot on the card that I need on this trip so I haven't done any further investigation or replaced the card but I'm just wondering if anyone else has seen this message. Since 2005 when I bought my first Garmin GPS I have never seen or heard of this message before.

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Cards do fail but

something to try. Devices that use very low power can get almost micro level corrosion on the contacts. Power the device down and remove the card. Clean the contacts with a pencil eraser; if you don’t have something like that use the cuff of some jeans (denim is quite abrasive). Reinsert the card and retest.

Worse case add a Best Buy to your trip and pickup another card. Don’t go larger than 32GB for most Garmin devices. There is a PNY micro 32GB on sale at $9.

John from PA