Basecamp can not find this GPS
"You may also need to set interface option on your GPS to Garmin or Host"
How do I do this on the NUVI265W

A question

I don't have an answer since I don't own a 265W. Does Garmin Express recognize the GPS? Where do you see the error message, on your computer or the 265W? Just curious.

I did fire up my ancient 295W (essentially a nuviphone minus the phone) and Basecamp recognized the device, the City Navigator map and a North America OSM map on SD card. I thought your 265W may be similar to my 295W but in looking at the 265W's specs, I now think they're totally unrelated. sad

Garmin Express


The message appears when it is looking for the device and is part of the overall message.

"No device found ......"


USB Issue?

The first thing I would do is to try plugging the cable into a different USB port. Try it on every USB port on your computer if needed.

Second thing I would try is a different cable.

Garmin Nuvi 2450

How about other programs

macleadv wrote:


The message appears when it is looking for the device and is part of the overall message.

"No device found ......"


Do you get the same message when you run POI Loader or Garmin Express?

I have a 265 and it had not been used for a while and had lost some of the charge. Has the same message . Once I charged it up everything was OK.

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nuvi 265W

Keep getting the same message with POI Loader and Garmin Express.

Garmin Help did not give me their opinion of the problem except to say Hard Reboot the unit, which did not solve anything.

Other Possibilities

I don't use my 265WT any longer but I do install the new maps when they come out, and occasionally update the POIs with POI-Loader. No issues here. (I don't use Basecamp.)

I presume you are using Win10. Someone here suggested trying another USB port on your computer. Did you try that?

Also, if you have another appropriate USB cable, try that.

When the 265 is plugged into the computer, go to Windows Device Manager and see if it is listed as a USB device.

I should also mention that at times, if my 265 is locked, the computer can't see it, so be sure your 265 is unlocked when trying to access it from the computer.

285wt, 260w and 205w

I got the above units with the used 2597 I bought and all are recognized by Garmin express and show up in file explorer also. I think these units are similar to your 265W. My dead 57LM had intermittent power problems, then wouldn't be recognized by anything(shortly before it quit working altogether). I think the problem was related to the rear connector or the associated board. Hopefully another cable or port will work for you. I updated the best of the three with a map from Openmapchest since none had lifetime maps.

charge the GPS

Charge the GPS using a wall charger for several hours. If the GPS has a low battery it may not be recognized by BaseCamp, GE, or Windows Explorer.

How about using a Garmin USB cable to connect to the PC?