GE and End of Useful Life, and Questions


In attempting to update my nuvi 765T to 2022.25, I got an error message from Garmin Express about the new maps having too much information to be installed on the 765T. I've been using an 8 GB card for map updates for some time, that card is just a hair over half-full, and the update to 2022.20 had gone flawlessly. Updating to the latest version of GE didn't help, and neither did replacing the 8 GB card with a 16 GB card, so I tried contacting Garmin as GE suggested. The 765T had less than 1 MB of free space, so the Garmin tech suggested deleting some files, which cleared up around 40 MB, but still no luck with the map update. The tech mentioned that the map updates also update files on the GPS first, but GE said that the update to 2022.25 was strictly map updates and did not mention system files.

Reinstalling the existing maps to the 16 GB card isn't an option, as one cannot reinstall maps if there are updates available.

I can still update POIs, so there's not an immediate need to replace the GPS. The Garmin tech did mention a loyalty program which includes discounts on the Drive 52M, the Drive 52MT, and the Drive Smart 65 with Traffic.

Before I look into replacing, is there anything I missed that might help the map update work, or has that ship sailed?

If it's time for a new one, I have some questions. How do you Drive Smart 65 users out there feel about the size of the GPS? I've also seen the 2599LMTHD out there and was wondering about how well the HD Traffic works...that feature doesn't seem to be available on more recent Garmins.

Thank you for any insight and wisdom you can provide!

I would try cloning.

I would try cloning directly to the 16GB SD card.

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I have a 765t w/ 16Gb card..

Just updated yesterday with no problem. My 765T is a little over 50% full. 1.96GB with 1.68gb free. The SD card has the map image file taking up about 4gb.

How about previous map downloads?

I've never had to do it but I've been under the impression that previous map downloads, which are located (in Windows) at C:\ProgramData\Garmin\CoreService\Downloads\Map can be used for reinstalling. Each file, if present is about 6 GB. If that be the case I would reinstall a previous version and then attempt an update.

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