UP Jumped the Devil


I thought we had written all there was about the DriveSmart 86 but then Up Jumped the Devil.

Yesterday when backing out from a parking space, the BC-40 could be found or started. I have been using it a lot with the 86 adjusting the guidelines to my satisfaction so I assumed I needed to replace the batteries. No Luck. I did the routine “fix all” by resetting the GPS by holding down the stop button for about 15 seconds. No Luck. I re-read the owner’s manual several times and tried to pair the BC-40 to the 86. No Luck. I gave it up for the day and watched a basketball game.

Today I started my DriveSmart 65, and the BC-40 was displayed in all its glory as normal. Maybe the 86 was just cranky yesterday and would work today. I tried it. No Luck.

After an hour conversation with Garmin Support, the responder suggested trying a “Complete Factory Reset.” He explained the normal reset executed using the stop button wasn’t complete and would not remove any user settings. He suggested that a complete backup be made before doing this Reset. I don’ know how to do that and continued without the backup.

Read this carefully! The Complete Factory Reset will delete ALL USER INPUT. The unit will be just as it left the factory and must be completely setup again. If you know how to make and restore backups, do so.

I did the Complete Reset, and the BC-40 returned in all its glory. The guidelines had to be adjusted again, and the complete setup repeated. All Recent, and Saved places were gone.

If you want to do this king of reset, here is how.
1. Go to the screen that displays “Volume.” That’s the screen with the Where To and View Map options.
2. Press the Volume icon at the bottom.
3. When that screen is displayed, press at the top right in the white area that has no options available.
4. In a short time, a screen will be displayed with instructions about to proceed with the reset.

It’s a hassle, but it solved the BC-40 problem. It is interesting that the 86 software was updated automatically after all was done.


Electronics/software need to

Electronics/software need to purge too... smile


The question is;

After you received the DS86 (DriveSmart86), what specifically did you do and in what order.

-upgrade DS86?


Is there anything introduced that caused this behavior or did the DS86 just go off its proverbial rails?

Not trying to be critical or discount anything reported ( and I'm glad for the info as I've been looking to acquire this device)

Some are just curious.

Thanks in advance and good luck with what seems to be a persnikety device.

Never argue with a pig. It makes you look foolish and it anoys the hell out of the pig!

I followed the instructions

I followed the instructions with the new DS-86. I can't remember the exacts sequence, but all worked just fine until yesterday. Now all works fine again.

I think the DS-86 is very stable. I think this was just an isolated issue that can happen to any such device.

The DS-86 has been the fastest responding GPS I have ever owned.