DriveSmart 55 - my DS 55 started crashing and rebooting when I use the "Find Place" voice command - many maps are installed?


Good day all,
Long post, odd problem, please bear with me.
I started having a problem with the "Find Place" voice commands. If I said "Find Place" and then "Starbucks" or "Walmart" the unit would pause for a few seconds, and then crash/reboot (blank/black GARMIN start up screen, then flip back to where it left off in GPS mode). When not driving at freeway speed, the unit would sometimes respond to a "Find Place" command normally thought maybe background or road noise might be interfering with voice commands. I have added (long ago, after purchasing it) the DrNightmare.vpm file to the voices folder, and usually use that voice during route navigation (I can understand it better than the canned voices from the factory). Lastly, this is a new issue, this has never happened before, the DS 55 has always responded normally to "Find Place" voice commands.
I was going to try a map reinstall to see if that helped. The reinstall acted like I was out of memory in the unit, and asked what "lesser" map configuration I wanted to replace my full maps with. I backed out of that, and checked "My Maps" to see my maps/memory utilization.
What I saw was there were 6 different maps installed and selected. They were... National Parks 2, North America DEM, and the following CN North America NT maps - 2022.20 Parkopedia, 2022.20 Foursquare, 2022.20 Basic 3D, and 2022.20 ALL. I am guessing this may have something to do with the lack of space on the unit.
1) Are these the normal standard maps on the DS 55? It looks like a lot, and some seem to imply overlap in function.
2) Can any be deleted or "unchecked" without losing functionality? I assume yes, but haven't tried it yet. Which ones?
3) Any other ideas as to why the "Find Place" function causes a random crash/reboot?
4) Any other ideas for how to fix it? I'm fairly tech savvy, and game to try just about anything.
5) Garmin live chat was no help. They blamed the DrNightmare.vpm as the problem, even though I said it had just started yesterday.
6) The last map update was done via wifi. Not sure if that has something to do with it. It said it ended normally.


1.First verify what maps installed. See
2.Review FAQ on voice control problems
3.Based on your post about partial map installation question, you may need to install a sd card to get full map installation.
Last resort do a reset on your device but remember you will lose your saved places(favorites) so make a backup.

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#1 Yes that is the standard

#1 Yes that is the standard lineup.
#2 Uncheck don't delete.

I have removed most all the help files, text files, etc, and I have to use an SD card to install the full installation. I have the DS 55. Same software, etc.

I wold add. SD card and do a reinstall before anything else.

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Free storage

I wonder if the crashing could be due to too little free storage space on the DriveSmart.

But the suggestion to delete some unneeded maps or add a SD card (or larger SD card) for a full map reinstall should leave more free storage.

1) See OP for maps installed

1) See OP for maps installed info. It's all there.
2) I did add/load an optional English laguage file on spec.
3) I also added an SD card, but the reinstall maps function still wants me to select a smaller map than all of North America. I also displayed used/free memroy and it showed my DS55 as only being 66% full, so I have no idea wy it wants me to pick a smaller map. The reinstall ignored that infirmation and the newly installed SD card.
That all said, I took it out today for a spin at freeway speeds, and tried some "Find Place" voice commands, and they all worked.
One other note: I tried as best I could to clean the tiny microphone aperature, top left side of casing. I'm not sure of it was dirty or partially plugged (with what?) but it seems to "hear" better now.

That wax one of my initial

That was one of my initial thoughts, too. However, I used Garmin Express to display memory usage, and it's not even close to full (see prior post with other diagnostic steps taken, on spec).

10-4 on uncheck, don't

10-4 on uncheck, don't delete. I have done nothing in that regard. See other response post for other actions taken. I tried adding a 32GB SD card and the reinstall ignored it, but the storage is only about 66% used, so it makes no sense why it wants me to select a smaller map zone.
It did perform normally this afternoon, after taking it out on the freeway, no crash/reboots when using "Find Place" voice commands.
I think I'll wait and see what it does when the next scheduled full map update comes out.

Thanks to all for your thoughts.