Garmin's Includes Map Updates?


(New member) Curious if you guys have experienced exactly what the difference is in Garmin Updating Maps on a Device sold with "LM" Lifetime Maps as opposed Devices sold with a purchase designation of "Includes Map Updates".

Now Garmin had told me yrs ago that even the LM lifetime Maps was actually tied to the Device Lifetime. In other words the ability of the Device to keep up with future upgrades to OS and Maps.

So I recently asked Garmin Support on a device with purchase designation of "Includes Map Updates" exactly how long or what parameters delineate when I can no longer download future updates to that Device.

They told me that they couldn't really say how long I would be able to update on a Device sold on purchase designation of "Includes Map Updates" due to the Device's performance ability and amount of memory to deal with both the updates of Mac and Windows and the newer maps.

But that sounds exactly the same as the Garmin parameters that delineate the 'Device Lifetime' that is sold with the purchase designation of "LM". Unless I missed something it appears buyers really have no idea really what or if there is difference is between "LM" and "Includes Map Updates" except maybe to buy one of each on same model Device and do an experiment.


My guess is that the two designations mean essentially the same thing, but it might help to get a more specific answer if you told us what Garmin device/model you are considering.

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I think its probably just

I think its probably just change in marketing terminology

Could be legal

"Includes Map Updates" instead of "Lifetime Maps" could have some legal ramifications.

Many years ago I worked for a company that had a "lifetime" warrantee on the instrumentation (except for switches) that they manufactured. This was multi-thousand $$$$ instrumentation for monitoring machinery like large power generation equipment (fossil and nuclear). Lawyers advised the owner to drop the "lifetime" from the guarantee as it could cause legal issues at some time. In short order the guarantee was changed to 10 years.

Garmins lifetime maps T&C's are at

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i think so

i think so

I just think that it’s


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