POI Loader for Windows


Has POI Loader support been discontinued? Under Support/POI Loader it says " Software Information Currently Unavailable
This information is either coming soon, not applicable, or no longer supported." I can find it under www8.garmin.com/support/collection.jsp?product=999-99999-12. But no reference comes up under search.

POI Loader help

POI Loader Help, which is only inside the app, is the only official Garmin info that I am aware of. Help is now shorter than it used to be. Does anyone have the text of the original, full version of POI Loader Help?

Garmin never supported POI Loader, as far as I know. The link is to download POI Loader.

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link for simple instructions

Maybe this will also help

Unless the OP is looking to download POIloader the following may help.

jgermann posted the following here in POI factory about using POIloader


Some instructions by Garmin


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Great to know, thanks

Great to know, thanks