Action Required: Your (GARMIN) Account Will Be Deleted in 60 Days


Spam or Hacking attempt?

Just received an e-mail with "Action Required: Your Account Will Be Deleted in 60 Days" in the subject from Garmin saying "Your Account Will Be Deleted in 60 Days

In compliance with our privacy policy, inactive accounts will be permanently removed from all Garmin sites, systems and servers. This includes Garmin Connect™, inReach®,, Garmin Pilot™, and others.

To keep your account, reactivate it below, or sign in at within 60 days of receiving this email.

What will be deleted?

If your account is deleted, you will lose data such as your Garmin Connect account and activities, Garmin Pilot logbook, inReach tracks and waypoints, email marketing preferences and more. Data cannot be restored after it is deleted.

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I received an email that

I received an email that says my account has been deleted, but it was sent to an old email address that I still have but is not associated with my Garmin account. I may have had that email address associated with my Garmin account years ago. And I have logged in to my Garmin account recently.

I think ether the email was spam, or I used to have another Garmin account which I have since forgotten about. But that is doubtful since I have been using a password database since well before I ever got a Garmin product.

Baffling, and I did not click the email link, but rather went directly to

Added: these inactive account emails are not listed in Garmin's list of emails they have sent me, which makes it seem more like spam.

be carful

i received a phone call from the electric company saying they were going to turn off my electricity press 1 to talk to a representative . i knew it was a scam so i just hung up . and i dont remember how many notices i got from Amazon for $900 i phones , these scammers are into every thing today. and i blame the phone company they can stop it they will charge you a monthly fee for anti spam scam service and sell the spamers and scammers phone line use , money comming in for them each way !

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