Just released iOS 13.6.1


Apple has just released iOS 13.6.1 and iPadOS 13.6.1 for all users, just one month after the release of iOS 13.6. The update fixes some known issues related to the Exposure Notifications and another one that could make the displays exhibit a green tint.

More info @ https://9to5mac.com/2020/08/12/apple-releases-ios-13-6-1-and...

Got it installing now

I hope it fixes the issue

I hope it fixes the issue with dropped calls and No Signal.... With my Wife's 8+, while my 6 just worked as normal...
We just went Round and Round with Verizon Support on 4 calls.
They had us resetting network stuff on our end, and at end of 3rd call we spend a day backing up System to iCloud less pics & video, and Pics and Video to 3 other locations....

We were all set to exchange phones on start of 4th call... 4th Guy reset Network on HIS END.... That fixed it....
Hope it stays that way... Wife is not a good camper when things don't go her way....
(I don't blame her!!! It was maddening!!)

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First and Second Tier

First and Second Tier Support is mostly guys working from home reading a script. They aren't technicians. They don't know anything I don't already know, and have done. Usually midway into the second call, I usually ask to be elevated to the Second or third Tier. Especially when they start repeating things already done in the first call.

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Always like the latest.

Some annoyances

I'm a relatively new iPad user, which is the first Apple thing in my home. I got it for score display when I play piano.

After this release, my iPad no longer responded to the Pencil, and the display backlighting was down at an exceedingly low level.

I had to go into the very dark garage just to see enough of the display to find the settings page, but it completely ignored my changes to display brightness settings.

In my case, I got past the pencil problem by eventually thinking of taking off the cap and plugging it into the charging port.

The display resumed normal behavior only after I did a full power-off shutdown and reboot.

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Me Too

I have installed iPadOS 13.6.1 on my 9.6 inch iPad Pro with no visible problems after a few days.

Next on the agenda is to install iOS 13.6.1 on my iPhone 8+ with the hope that it will also be trouble-free.

- Tom -

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Thanks for keeping up the Mac support here guys.


Apparently not available for iPhone 6s however.

Last Week

I downloaded and installed iPadOS 13.6.1 on my iPad Pro. This week I downloaded and installed iOS 13.6.1 on my iPhone 8+.

No obvious problems so far on either device.

- Tom -

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