BC-30 Camera


My BC-30 Camera has, all of a sudden, "decided" to display a mirror image of what it sees. Has anyone else experienced that and have any ideas on how to resolve it?


DougJ - Ottawa, ON, CA


Is there a setting to select either, so somehow it's been changed?

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No setting for camera or on

No setting for camera or on the DriveSmart 50; apparently some of the newer units have that capability

DougJ - Ottawa, ON, CA


Have you tried deleting the camera and then re-pairing it with the Drivesmart 50?

Factory Reset

I was trying to find a way for you to do a factory reset, but if it exists it may be in a hidden menu. Certainly there has to be a wasy to do that. The FAQ for that model indicates there is no way for the user to reverse or flip the image that some other cameras allow.

Is it still under warranty if all else fails?

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