Honda Garmin GPS Navigation Reboot "How to"?


Anyone know how to reboot a newer Honda factory navigation system? Restarting the vehicle doesn't really do a full reboot of the Android infotainment system as it seems to be a sleep/hibernation mode. Occasionally, I see weird things happen that I'd rather initiate a manual reboot perhaps weekly before it inevitably crashes, freezes, or just goes blank at a most inconvenient time i.e. city or highway driving. This happens periodically on my 2018 Accord.

try this

First of all make a note of all your presets in case they get lost.

According to, for Hondalink with one screen (2016-2019) press and hold the audio system power button for 3 seconds. Then a menu will pop up and ask you if you want to reboot the system.

See page 399 of the manual (see if you need it in a searchable form), a section titled "Defaulting All the Settings" Also, HOME >> Settings >> System >> Factory Data Reset >> Continue >> Continue will supposedly do a reset but note the caution over to the right of the page about HondaLink.

On that same page is Defaulting Vehicle Settings; Home >> Settings >> Vehicle >> Default >> Yes which resets "Vehicle Settings" back to the defaults.

John from PA