Exporting Draw Files to Text Files

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Excerpt from the Help in Delorme Street Atlas.

You can export draw files as text files. Draw objects exported to
text files contain coordinate information for each line, area, or
point object. You can open these text files in other DeLorme

To Export Draw Files to Text Files
Use the following steps to export an existing draw file to a text file.

Click the Draw tab.

Click File to open the draw file editing area.

A draw file with a selected check box displays on the map. The
active column shows the active layers.

From the file list, click the draw file to export.

Click Export.

The Export Draw File dialog box opens.

Browse to a directory in which to save the file or use the default destination of C:DeLorme DocsExport.

Select Text File from the Save as Type drop-down list.

Type a name for the file in the File name text box. The default
name is root name of the layer.

Click Save.

Click Done to return to the main Draw tab area.

What you get is a plain text file.

You can open it, inspect it and see what you have. It is a .csv, (comma separated), and you can just change the extension to .CSV and open it in Excel.

Once in Excel, or what ever spreadsheet program you use, you
need to change the first row entries to Latitude, Longitude, and
You can either delete the 4th column, or change the entries to whatever data you want.
That 4th column will contain the name of the icon that Street Atlas uses.
Put this file in the Folder with the rest of your POIs and use POI loader to put them on your unit.
Unless you want to make major changes to the data, this should only take about 5 minutes to complete.