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Hi Everyone,

Unit is a Garmin Drivesmart 61.

I have installed the USA Route 66 POI file from the library.
In my Trip Planner simulation the POI's work OK as I arrive close to the POI position. I get the notification.
Does anyone here know why a couple of POI's per State don't "reiease" even after 254 miles past the POI location.
Just keeps showing up at the Top right hand corner exclamation logo window. (Map Notifications window)

Thank you

along the road

The most common reason why certain POIs do not alert is that they are too far from the road. After POIs have been loaded in the usual way, the alert sounds "along the road," that is, within 98 feet or 30 meters perpendicular to the center of the road. If a POI is outside that distance, no alert will be given.

Some POI files, such as Rest Areas Combined, maintained by Mahoney, are designed with the POI always located inside the "along the road" alert area. Most POI files are not maintained that way.

There is another way to load POIs, as TourGuides, which operate as a radius that you choose. The 98 foot limit no longer applies. This may be more appropriate for Route 66 locations. Many of them have become abandoned and are nowhere near a road.

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I don't have the answer but

I don't have the answer but note that he said the POI "don't release even if 254 miles away".

I tried to use this file on a cross country trip a couple of years ago and gave up because it didn't work as expected.

I never get lost, but I do explore new territory every now and then.

This file seems to work OK

This file seems to work OK under simulation mode.
As I mentioned it works as it should and notifies when a POI is ahead.

Only sometimes after the notification it will not release that POI(seems like its stuck)and just keeps showing up hundreds of miles past the said location.

When working OK. the POI is warning it is approaching and is gone after I have gone past the POI.


going from one POI to the next

Are you running a trip with POIs as successive waypoints? In the simulation or in a real trip, if you go past a waypoint without actually reaching it, the GPS will keep trying to go back to the missed waypoint. That is why the location of each waypoint must meet the "along the road" position requirements, so that the waypoint can actually be reached.

One way to determine whether this is the problem would be to view the custom POIs in BaseCamp. The GPS must be connected to the PC to view custom POIs. Look at the problem POIs to see whether they are within 98 feet or 30 meters of a road.

What do you mean that certain POIs "do not release?"

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I have driving waypoints for

I have driving waypoints for each state from Illinois to California for the trip in similation mode. This part is all OK and works as it should.
I am only having this problem in maybe 1 or 2 states and 1 or 2 POI's that the Route 66 POI keeps being shown in the "Top Right Corner" of the Garmin.
The Icon shows an "EXCLAMATION MARK". click on it and it opens a window with the POI's details etc.
Once location has been triggered, it stays til the end of simulation trip which could be 240 miles from trigger point.

I am getting a POI trigger say if the POI is in close proximity even not the same street. These POI's are working OK and disappear once past the location

To me it seems like that the offending POI's have a progam error as 98% are working as they should.

Thank you.