Help with Extra POI Editor V6.04


I installed Extra POI Editor V6.04 and set it up according to the instructions given in ‘POI Factory’s tutorial. Then I downloaded the ‘Campgrounds And RV Parks Combined’ file into EPE, everything looks fine in EPE.

When saved in GPX format and imported in BaseCamp, I get only the campgrounds names. No address or phone number. I have tried everything I could think of without success. Some help would greatly be appreciated.


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I downloaded the file, opened it in EPE and then saved it as a GPX file. Then opened it up in BaseCamp and all locations have the address and a phone number once you either click on a location or opt to open this location.
All in one long string!

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Problem solved. I had

Problem solved.

I had column 4 as : Address, City, State, Phone.

Changed it to Address and it works.


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