IOS 12.3.2 Released


IOS 12.3.2 has been released, but it looks like this one is only for the iPhone 8+. The release notes say that it fixes a problem with the camera in the iPhone 8+ and do not mention anything else.

In addition, when I check my iPad Pro for an update, it says that IOS 12.3.1 is up to date on that device.

In any event, I have not seen any problems with the 12.3.2 update on my iPhone 8+.

- Tom -

XXL540, GO LIVE 1535, GO 620

iPhone 7

My 7 is up to date with 12.3.1

Steve - 2 Nuvi 3597

Not For Me

Up to date with 12.3.1 on XS Max. I think 12.3.2 was only for iPhone 8.