IOS 12.3.1 released


As the Subject line says, IOS 12.3.1 was released. I have installed it on my iPhone 8+ and on my 9.7" iPad Pro without any visible issues.

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iOS 13

I thought there wouldn't be any other updates until recently announced iOS 13 which is right around the corner.


Thank you for the info, will update today

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Stable 12.3.1

Stable here and with very few people having new issues as reported on the web. Just a bug fix release; no new features. iPhone 8's, only, are getting 12.3.2 instead.

I don't know if any more updates to 12 are expected before iOS 13 or how soon that one is coming. With big releases like that, I tend to wait a few weeks until they're hounding me daily to do it, because the big updates usually cause new problems for some users.

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Did the update on two devices and no problems

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8 Plus updated fine.