Smartphone With Garmin-Like Mount


I have often admired Garmin for their mounts. I have had a few different Garmin automobile navigators and I have been pretty satisfied with the mounts that come with most of them.

With that in mind and considering how a number of people use their smartphones as "de facto" automobile navigation devices, I would really like to see more smartphone manufacturers offer an optional dash mount for their smartphones that offers either landscape or portrait modes and charges it while in the mount. Yes, I know that Garmin had a Garminfone and a Nuvifone. I had them. Neither was a great smartphone, but they did have a good mount.

The other consideration is a lot of us use their smartphone in a case of some sort. For example, I have a Mophie Juice Pack for my Samsung Galaxy S9. It would be really nice if there was a dash mount, that would work with my Mophie Juice Pack, that would allow me to keep the phone in the case and securely charge and attach to the windshield mount.

I know that there are a lot of so-called universal mount available. Frankly, the ones I have seen don't look very secure.

Considering the popularity of Apple iPhones and Samsung smartphones, it would probably have to have them at the top of the list for compatible devices.

The other way of doing it might be to simply design the smartphone as a rugged device, so that an aftermarket case wasn't needed. Kyocera and Sonim comes to find, but there are others. Generally speaking, though, the rugged devices don't have much appeal to many/most people. Often times their specifications aren't as good as more mainstream smartphones.

I did take a second look at the Getnord Lynx. It is now available in the United States and is compatible with both AT&T and T-Mobile services. They have a partnership with Ram Mounts and the Getnord Lynx phone holder looks very secure. I would love to see more smartphones like this that are rugged and have a secure mount available.


I bought this unit July 16/2016. For 3 years it's been holding my phone on my dash. I used to have an iPhone 6+ in an otterbox and now have an iPhone Xr in a tech21 case. Both phones with their cases fit securely and never fall out. The phone clamps in and can be turned 90 deg if you want landscape mode. There is a foot on the bottom that slides side to side to make room for your power cord so you can charge.


There are so many different smartphone / protective case options out there that it's difficult to design a quality mount that will work well.

Over the years, I've tried many different "universal" mounts for my phones with varying degrees of success. Most used a clamp grip style which I found to be bulky with an insecure grip.

I currently have an iPhone Xs with the Otterbox Defender case. The best mount I've found so far is one I made from the belt clip that came with the Otterbox case:

I'm a big fan of the RAM mounting systems which I use in all my vehicles. I bought a RAM 1" ball mount:

and screwed it to the back of the Otterbox belt clip. The rig can be used with any of the RAM mounting systems, bean bag, suction cup, cupholder, vent mount, magnetic etc. It's simple, less than $20 (RAM mounts not included), and installs & releases with the flick of a finger.

If you prefer to use the Garmin mounts instead of the RAM system, this adapter will let you use this Ram phone holder with any of the Garmin "B" ball mounts:

The mount described above is for an iPhone but the same idea can be used with almost any phone or case.

Smartphone With Garmin-Like Mount

Thank you to both of you for the replies. I do think that Ram Mounts is the one to watch. They have the Apple iPhone form fit cradles and have the arrangement with GetNord.