australian karen gps voice


Does anybody know if there is an australian karen gps voice fo a Grmin Drive Smart 61 North America LMT-S?


Go online & check

It probably is available but the easiest way to determine is to connect your unit up with Garmin Express and then check what voices are available. They are clearly identified and often take less than a minute to download and install.

By the way, Karen does exist and her website says she is on 100 million GPS devices and 300 million smartphones. See

John from PA

Karen is available but see craig's FAQ

According to CraigW's FAQ, the Karen voice is available and it would be best to get the TTS3 voice as long as the DriveSmart 61 can use a TTS3 voice, which speaks "real directions."

Craig says Garmin Express doesn't show all the voices available for download:

...* Use of Garmin Express to update voices on newer Garmin devices:
Garmin Express will only offer a voice update when one is available if the voice with an update is the active voice being used in the device; i.e., if voice updates are offered for two voices and one is an owner's current active voice, the active voice update will be offered, and the installed, but the non-active voice will not be offered its voice update...

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English language voices

Your DriveSmart 61 uses TTS3 voices as far as I can tell and you can certainly add Karen. See the FAQ:

From the above, here's how to install Karen (and all other voices): with the device attached to the computer and selected, go to the Tools & Content section of Garmin Express, then click the Optional Updates, then Language Files, then English, then Install. With this method, you will have all English language voices in their latest versions.

You will receive the following TTS3 voices:
Serena, 2.20, 5/10/18 (also offers Real Voice)
Samantha, 2.70, 10/2/18 (also offers Real Voice)
Daniel, 2.20, 5/10/18
Jack, 2.70, 10/2/18
Lee, 2.30, 5/10/18
Karen, 2.20, 5/10/18
Sangeeta, 2.20, 5/10/18

and the following non-TTS3 voices:
American Michelle, 2.00, 1/24/14
Australian Matilda, 1.00, possibly 12/7/11
British James, 2.10, possibly 11/29/11
British Kate, 2.10, possibly 11/30/11

One issue that could be experienced is that your DriveSmart may not have enough space to install all the voices. If this happens, come back and we can try to figure out what to do next. It is possible to get all voices installed by having the City Navigator map installed to an SD card rather than internal to the DriveSmart.

Long live Karen:

One last issue as mentioned by dobs108: when using Garmin Express for map and other software etc. updates, only the selected voice will be offered an update if one is available. If Karen is your selected voice, you won't know about updates to Samantha, Jack, etc. The easiest way to see if a voice update is available is to monitor the above link to the FAQ, and if an update is mentioned, switch your GPS to that voice, run Garmin Express, get the voice update, then if desired, return to your desired voice, Karen in your case.


She was my first Garmin voice and will always be my favorite. Now if we could change Siri to Karen it would be even better.

maybe you should check

sydric wrote:

She was my first Garmin voice and will always be my favorite. Now if we could change Siri to Karen it would be even better.

According to the article at Karen Jacobsen, aka "GPS Girl", is the voice of Australian Siri.

Ask Siri how to do it (!) or give the procedure at a try.

John from PA

She loads of fun here in Arizona

Have had her for years, love the way the Sheila pronounces the local Street Names here, lol