Low Clearances POI File


I know this is a little out of the realm of interest for most, but for those of us that are RV-er's, it is a real issue. I am curious if there is enough interest to start a community POI file, that will allow user's from around the country to enter known low clearances that are below 14 feet with the locations, so that those of us that travel around the country, won't encounter the low overpasses that are so frequent. I have on multiple occasions ran into low overpasses that do not show up in the truckers atlas or in the low clearance databases that can be devastating for the Class A motor homes. I ran into one today in San Antonio, that would have taken the top off my coach if I had not seen it in time to avoid. Any interest out there?

state DOTs

Contact the state secretary of transportation in each state. The DOT has the height of every overpass which crosses state maintained highway. You can be specific and state you only want those below 14'6" along with their coordinates in an Excel spreadsheet. You will need to tell them how you would like the sheet formatted specifying the column headings needed. It may take several months to get the data out of a state, but you can be certain it would be correct.

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Garmin Database

Garmin has a clearance database which can be used by the RV and Dezl series GPSr's. From my experience, it isn't always accurate and slow to be maintained. It could however be used as a cross check for Box Car's excellent suggestion.