OSM generic routeable map and the Garmin map


I am wondering if anybody else has experienced either of these problems.

I downloaded and installed an OSM generic routeable map on my computer. This map is compatible and works well in Basecamp.

However, when I stalled this map on my Nuvi 2689 using either MapInstall or the install map command in Basecamp, the map does not display on my GPS when selected as the map to use in “myMaps”.

I find that the Garmin Map has dead areas that will not display icons for my Custom POI even though the point data is correct.

You probably

will have to go into your settings and uncheck the Garmin map and if there you see your OSM map, it will need to be checkmarked.

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You should not have both maps check marked

if they are the same maps or have a possibility of having overlapping areas. It will create routing problems and possible display issues.

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OSM generic routeable map and the Garmin map

I still had the same problem when I disabled Garmin Maps. Garmin Maps override the OSM's