Add Custom POIs to existing Category


Is it possible to add your custom POIs to the existing ones installed with your maps? That way, using the "Where To?" tool will search both the standard POIs that came with the map and my additional custom ones.

I have a Garmin eTrex 20x and I use it primarily for bicycle touring. The maps I have are the Northeast topo from and from Open Street Map (

I have been able to successfully install custom POIs and put them into my desired categories - campgrounds, convenience stores, bike shops. The problem is that to search for the nearest campground (for example) I can either search the standard POI category or my custom category, not both. I was hoping to use the custom POI to supplement the existing ones, but it seems to be not possible.

I tried loading custom POIs using categories the same as the standard categories but that didn't work.

If it is not possible to combine them, can I extract (export) the existing POIs so as to build a comprehensive custom list?

Nichael Hauck, Cycling Tourist


Unfortunately there is no way to merge custom POI's with the map provided ones.

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Use custom POIs

As you use your device, I think you will find that POI files from the factory are superior to those on the device, including being more current. This is because the maintainers of many of the files keep them up-to-date on a monthly basis.

I suspected that was the

I suspected that was the answer, but I had to ask; thanks for setting me straight

Nichael Hauck, Cycling Tourist

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