GTM 60 HD Digital Traffic Receiver


I purchased the GTM 60 HD Digital Traffic Receiver some time back for my Nuvi 2597.Was aware of the Weather icon, but had never used it and had forgotten it was there. Decided to try it out while on the interstate. Showed me the current weather for the area plus the extended forecast. Nice little feature to have.Sure it is limited on locations available to get the weather report. So you may want to look at the feature if you have the HD Traffic receiver.

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I noticed that feature a while back. Seems to only work in certain areas though.

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Weather & HD

I had this and didn't see any use for it where i lived. If you don't have HD traffic where you live or where your going it doesn't have a lot of value. I didn't find the weather much use either. I don't remember if you could voice activate the weather feature, don't think so and there comes the problem. I'm not in favor of having to focus on pushing buttons when driving, which means i need to stop. Now i can use the cell phone which is a lot better for The big question is...if your area does not support HD traffic can you still use the Weather portion of the gtm 60?
I saw a listing of hd coverage in North America somewhere, cant find it no more. i'll add this for the heck of it.

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It's OK

The weather is OK. It's kind of limited with the HD Traffic cable in that it tells you the current conditions which you can guess as you're literally looking out your window and know if it's hot/cold outside.

If you have a destination set then it'll tell you the conditions at the destination but that's only if the destination is local.

The Smart Link app is a bit more useful in that it tells you more about what's happening, gives weather radar, any sort of weather alerts, and road conditions, though it takes a moment to update.


For the location I was arriving at,I got not only daily forecast but the extended one also. That was nice since we plan to stay in that area for about 3 days. Of course other means available to get the same information, but was nice to know before we checked into the hotel.

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