Garmin MapUpdater - Has Garmin removed download links?


I noticed today that the download links for Garmin MapUpdater we have referenced in several Factory FAQ's and posts no longer work (e.g. I also could not find copies of MapUpdater for Mac or PC on the Perry Archive site.

Has Garmin moved these downloads to a different link or removed them altogether?

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Oh no it's Foo!

"if you get hold of a .gmap folder (PC install version) of the latest mapping data you can simply select the tiles you want to fit on your 276's limited memory. Do you really want to go thru that explanation again?"

Gahhhhh no!

Anyway, i finally got through to someone at Garmin, and the opposite of what i expected to happen, namely getting blown off as i have in recent years over there, happened. I got a super-tech who said he liked puzzles. He spent exactly one hour and seven minutes with me on the phone while he tried to devise a workaround so that i can update my maps with Garmin Express which I've never been able to use with the 276 - and he finally did it! I haven't tried it yet but he said that the chances of it working are near 100%.

Yes, 'tis I Foo. Now everyone knows I'm your idol Melvin.

And don't act surprised that i bobbed up here.

So you got a bright one. Great. Usually they hang up and strangle a kitten if you ask them something hard like that.

So spill, exactly how does this suggested workaround of his function? Wow if it works!

EDIT: Now i get it. Create a fake GarminDevice.xml to load to a USB stick to fool GE into thinking the 276c is a Mass Storage device so that the PC mapping data can be downloaded to the PC's ProgramData folder as (wait for it!) Ta Da!!! A .gmap folder. You then will need to use MapInstall to send the bits you want to the device .... Sound familiar?

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