Village of Lakemoor, Illinois


This is a little late. On March 22, 2018, the Northwest Herald published an article about the Village of Lakemoor.

The intersection of Route 12 and Route 120 has red light cameras covering three directions of travel. This is a very busy corridor in northern Illinois. The cameras were installed in 2012, and the Village of Lakemoor has since built a new police station and municipal center. I mean, the red light cameras have generated millions of dollars in revenue. I mean, it's all about safety.

There is a group that has filed a class action lawsuit against the village for not listing what ordinance has been violated on each notice. This means that the individuals cannot get their due process.

The lawyer representing the group wants all of the money paid refunded. The lawsuit did indicate that the village had two weeks to respond. I haven't seen anything in the newspaper since. It will be interesting to see what happens with this case.

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Lawyer on Case

and their facebook page

I was looking to see if there are any updates and didn't find anything yet.