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Is there a way to the coordinates of a favorite or POI including home off the Nuvi 680 without connecting it to a computer?

Try this

I am new to this GPS bsuiness, so I do not know if that is possible. However, one alternative would be to enter the address at Click START GEOCODING and the coordinates would be supplied in the box below on the same page. I am not sure if this helps.

I cant comment specifically

I cant comment specifically on the 680, but on the 350 when GPS is on and its got a fix - hit the bars with the satelite reception signal in the main menu and it'll bring up the satellite screen - the coords are on there. Not sure of a way if the GPS reception is off, or when panning a map - I dont think it can (at least 350)

Check out this

Nuvi 1390T Charlotte, NC


tapping the signal bars does bring up current location. I'll try what jagraziano posted in the link. My point is to see the coordinates of a favorite without the computer while I'm out away from the computer.

It works. GPS has to be off

It works. GPS has to be off (antenna closed) so you can go to a specific location and set it as your current location, then read the coordinates from the 'coordinates' menu option. A bit cumbersome, but it does do the job.

Nuvi 1390T Charlotte, NC

Not on the nuvi 200

Tapping the bars does not work on the nuvi 200 series GPSrs.

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When you say go to a

When you say go to a specifric location do you mean via map? If so, how does one get the exact location instead of just close to it?