Navi 2599 Custom POIs & Favourites editing


Hi all, my apologies for what is probably an FAQ, but I couldn't find an exact answer by searching.

I have a whole bunch of POIs I've collected over the years from TomTom devices, all grouped by name. Since I've been using my Navi 2599, I've been adding new ones, but they can only be put into "Favourites" on the device. I've managed to get some of my old groups added to the device where they appear under "Custom POIs", but right now it's an incomplete mess.

What's the best way to pull all the Favourites off the device, move those POIs into the relevant group files on my PC, then load all the grouped files back onto the device so everything appears under Custom POIs?

Where I want to end up is with Favourites being empty (until I start adding new ones), and under Custom POIs a list of group names containing both my old POIs and the new ones transferred in from Favourites.

Many thanks.

You can start here..

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Welcome to The Factory, cobnut. Stick around, there's a lot to learn here.

It's great that you're asking this now so you can correct things early. As Favorites (Saved Places), you're limited to a max of 1000 locations while as Custom POIs, you're unlimited.

Check the link in the previous post to see what you need to do to get things working as you wish.

You may also want to download your Owners Manual for reference:

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