Re: COSTCO US and Canada poi


The recently posted COSTCO US and Canada poi file shows a wrong location for COSTCO, Bedford Park, Illinois. The store is located on Cicero Avenue and the store address is 7300 S. Cicero Ave, Bedford Park, Illinois 60629. The address on the poi file takes you to someone where on S. Central Park Avenue between 64th and 65th Streets. There is no COSTCO located there and it is a residential area, almost 2 miles from the COSTCO store. If possible, the author can correct the poi file to reflect the correct address. It is an error duplicated in some other poi files for Costco on other sites.
Thank you. (posted July 10, 2007)


I found a possible reason for the confusion highlighted in the query above. For the poi file to point to the right location, the city used has to be Chicago rather than Bedford Park, but with the same zip code. This will change the coordinates and will thus point to the right location The coordinates in the poi file are different and thus take one to the wrong location.
Currently, what is on the Costco poi file is this:
41.7768,-87.7119, Bedford Park, Illinois
The file should be corrected to read as follows:
41.759963,-87.741883,"7300 S Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL 60629"
I hope the person who created the file can effect the correction.
Thank you.


Somehow all the email notices went to my junk folder so I didn't even know about this until today:(
I fixed the relocation of Bedford Park, Illinois.
Also St. Johns, NF.

Thanks for mentioning and coordination.