Trouble getting Info from companies.


Anybody else have trouble getting companies to give up a master list of all their locations. I have a membership with 24Fitness gyms that allows me to use any location, on the old website they had a State by name method, but the new site is zip code based. I have been given the supreme runaround by the company trying to get a club list. They seem to operate like the Vice Presidents office and everything is a trade secret.


I wrote to one of them for such a list and I never got a response. To think that one is doing their job for them.

Corporate Location Lists

I have been irritatingly persistent in attempting to get GPS support for locations. Companies seem oblivious to the money travelling in RV's looking for a place to park and spend discretionary dollars!

I have come to believe that some companies employ Customer Service people who do not know or care about anything not on the flipchart or they don't want to go to the trouble to develop and maintain a database. Some associations, like ARVC, have sold their GPS database to Garmin to bundle into their units, so their motive is marketing dollars. I thought that Walmart would have a good GPS database for truckers who deliver stuff but they would not acknowledge such a thing.

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Finding location files.

I think you have to ask the right person, a question asking for a CSV of all their locations might get blown off or even lost in the shuffle by customer service. If you can get to the website designer they might have a better understanding and might even think a GPS site list would be a good idea.

The problem with customer service is they are concerned with customer complaints or problems. They might not understand your question, how to deal with it, or where to send the question to get resolved.
The customer support people might be a third party and not have anything to do with the company itself.

Agreed...customer service is not the way to go

Try the PR/Advertising/Marketing people...they would be in a better position to view a request for creating a GPS-friendly compilation of locations and making it available on a company web site.

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