Rest Area Files Confusion


Here's the deal.
Is the "Rest Areas Combined.csv" file a combining of all the other state rest area files... (which I would suppose it is)?

So if a new rest area comes to be found... then which would be updated... the state file or the combined file?

Reason I ask is, which should one download?

Downloading all the states and the combined will use up space, be inefficient and such.

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If you have a new Rest Area

Send me the coordinates and/or State,Hwy number, mile marker and any other useful info and I will update the Combined Rest Area file.
The Combined Rest Area file only takes up 118Kb of memory and contains all lower 48 states.
Right now I am only inputting new Interstate and US Hwy Rest Areas. (or ones that I missed during intial file generation.
BTW - not inefficient if you are traveling thru 14 states like I will be doing in Dec. or for long distance truckers.
The Combined Rest Area SHOULD have all the Rest Areas that were in the individual State files or very close as the original Combined list done by RT was a compilation of the individual files.
The combined file should give much better and dependable Proximity Alerts !

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Thanks Mr<enFl

You cleared up my confusion.
Now I think I can save some space by only having one file.
Thanks for all you guys work.