Which file has the standard street addressing ?


I am searching to understand which Garmin file contains the standard street addressing data - I have a person who has lived in a house for 2 years, but on some GPS units it does not know that street, or address at all.
I am thinking that the .img file includes the streets and street address data - is that correct ?
Also, how long after a street/address is entered by the city should it take to get the Garmin file updated ?

I am a pilot and know the aviation maps of Garmin are very up to date - but am less clear on the automotive maps.


The main map data file is called gmapprom.img. There are other .img files that contain other types of data such as the basemap, 3D terrain and buildings, etc. but the street names are in gmapprom.img.

Garmin buys it's map data from a company called HERE (formally Navteq) and therefore depend on them for up to date map information. Here obtains data from a number of sources including physically driving thousands of miles a year collecting street data. If you know of a street that is not in the current maps you can send details of the missing data to HERE using their reporting facility at https://mapcreator.here.com/mapcreator/

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