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I do not like mounting my GPS to the windshield, and I don’t like leaving the GPS and/or any of its accessories in sight when the vehicle isn’t occupied. For me, that means some sort of dash mount to hold the GPS suction cup mount. I have had success with that method with several different dash mounts and GPS units. Since my DriveSmart 86 is larger and heaver than any of my past units I decided to do some testing on dash mounts that will accommodate the DS 86. If it works with the DS 86, it will work with any currently available Garmin GPS. Since I also have a DriveSmart 65, I included it in the test.

There are generally two schools of thought about dash mounts – stuck to the dash with adhesive of some kind – free standing and depending on friction to keep the mount in place. I’ve tested both ways with two different dash mounts.

Before getting to the tests, just a word about securing the suction cup to the mount. For years I have wet the matching surfaces of the suction cup and dash mount before making the connection. That has worked well with only an occasional disconnection. But one day while finding something to do, I thumbed through the Trouble Shooting section of the Garmin Owner’s Guide. It said to clean and wet both surfaces with isopropyl alcohol. I tried it and the connection is solid as a rock. Even after releasing the suction lever, it takes effort to remove the suction mount from the dash mount. I highly recommend this method. The easy way to clean with alcohol is to use those little “Alcohol Prep” pads. I keep a few in the Honda.

The tests are being done in a 2011 Honda CRV. The dash is slightly textured and curve toward the seats in a gentle curve. There are hump and valley contours where the dash mount sits.

The tested mounts are the Deco Gear Dash Mount and the Amazon Basic GPS Car Dashboard Mount.

Deco Gear Dash Mount
Current Price on Amazon: $20.00
Weight: 31.0 oz.
Dia. For suction cup: 3.9”
Total Dia: 7.0”
Height: 1.5”
This is a friction only mount, and I have used it since 2018 with several GPS models in the Honda and a Motorhome. It has worked very well on all of them and doesn’t move around underway.

The outside fabric is textured and has a high friction coefficient. Its height makes it more visible than most other dash mounts. This is the best dash mount I have ever owned.

Amazon Basic Dash Mount
Current Price on Amazon: $10.00
Weight: 19.2 oz.
Dia. For suction cup: 3.4”
Height: 1.1”
It is composed of three legs and is 8.24” X 7.38” overall.

It comes with a sticky center and is intended to remain in position once it is mounted. I don’t like that arrangement, so I removed the mount when not in the Honda. It became less sticky over time but was almost completely restored after cleaning with isopropyl alcohol.

I really wanted to try it without the sticky stuff and removed the sticky pad with my trusty Swiss Army knife. The bottom outside around the sticky pad is a textured surface that provides some friction and more textured ring around the sticky pad plate that provides more friction. I have now driven for a week with the mount in this configuration with the DS 86 and DS 65. The mount has not moved at all. I recommend this mount in ether configuration but feel that the Deco is slightly superior.

Sticky Alternate
If you feel the need to manually secure the mount to the dash, I recommend a single one-inch square of Industrial Stick On Velcro. That will secure the mount against anything and all allow easy removal when desired. The black version blends well with the dash and can hardly be seen when the mount is removed.



Thanks, that was as well a thought-out discussion as I've ever seen here at the Factory.


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Quad Lock

Look up Quad Lock...

I had been looking for decent mounts for years with no luck. It seemed every mount option had some sort of Achilles Heel.

Well, Quad Lock seems to have come up with the better mounting system. I have since installed various Quad Lock mounts on my bicycle, motorcycle and in my cars. I'm very pleased with this system.

Check out the Universal Adaptor that can be used on our GPS devices:


Poke around that site for a mount solution for your smartphone.

They just had a fantastic 30% off everything sale.

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Sticky Mount

I purchased a sticky mount for my cell phone that works great. It sticks to the dashboard without one of those black disks, I removed the cell phone holder that slips on to the ball and installed my GPS mount.
It hangs over and down from dash out of windshield view. Its been on the car since january and has not moved. Purchased it on Amazon.

My solution

I went with a permanent arrangement. Sculpted a hockey puck to suit the edge of my 2011 Toyota Highlander. Glued it down with Gorilla Glue next to the left side window pillar just above the side window vent. I then removed the innards of a suction mount to disable the lever suction thing and glued that to flat surface of the hockey puck.

Very happy with my arrangement, it places the GPS where I can easily reach/see it but does not impede my vision. Couple of images, if my sharing thing works

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GG7XOxmJJbh56cYgTO1dunrpVJC..., https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UArV2icT-aWZv7khv2ZbRoW1tQK...

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WoW!!!! What a timely post

I just bought a Garmin RV1090 and am wrestling with this very problem. Motorhome dash has a slope toward the windshield and the 1090 is considerably larger and heavier that my previous GPS units.

I will be studying the original post and the others for my best solution.

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Good review.

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Thanks for Sharing!

Thanks for the detailed info! I bought the Deco mount and it's worked for me.