Fogo: GPS, Walkie-Talkie, Flashlight And Backup Battery


I have been following few different devices that work with a smartphone to keep in touch without cell phone service. Beartooth, GoTenna, Gotoky, and Sonnet are a few of them. A bit ago I ran across the Fogo website online. It is a flashlight, with GPS, etc.

Interesting Device

Certainly a lot cheaper than a Garmin Rino. However, without cell or wifi, like other RF devices, it's range is limited by terrain. Might be good for hikers, hunters etc. in remote locations where range isn't critical.


Interesting. I wonder how well it will stand up to real world conditions.

This Looks Interesting!

Being a person that is sometimes considered a technology evangelist (by me usually grin ), I like seeing devices that combine multiple functions into a single device.

I like the notifications it can provide, as well as notifying me when the battery is getting low.

I like that it can let me see my text messages from the smartphone, and it can be set for adaptive brightness.

What I think I might have a question about is the "Crash Detection" feature, and automatically sent a message to my friends when it detects that I've taken a spill. (hmmm - I wonder how rugged this is - toss...)

overall - it looks pretty cool though.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled forum - already in progress . . .


"Prepare for takeoff, and place Fogo devices in airplane mode."