Military Bases Get the OK to Shoot Down Drones


I was a bit surprised to learn the military was not doing this all along!

Military bases have been restricting unauthorized access for many years. Why did it take so long for them to adopt this new policy? It took a near miss by an F-22A fighter jet to get this new policy approved! It seems a no brainer to me.

Back in the early 1980's, I was hiking in the desert with a friend in New Mexico near White Sands. It was before the GPS era and we lost the trail we were following. From out of nowhere a military police jeep appeared. Two MP's literally grabbed us, threw us in the back and drove us 10 miles or so out to a highway. They let us go and said only "STAY OUT or be arrested. Trespassers have been shot here"!

It was never clear to us what we were supposed to stay out of! We passed no signs, gates or fences on our hike. I still think about that incident and how frightened we were. This is why I find it so surprising that the military has tolerated drone intrusion for so long. Yes, it's against the law but has never been enforced.