FCC Mulls Combining Wired And Wireless Broadband Goals


What is "broadband" internet access? Right now the FCC restricts the term to wired connections with 25Mbps download and 3Mbps upload speeds. Now the agency has asked the public to comment on its proposal to include in that definition wireless connections, which have a minimum 10Mbps down and 1Mbps up. Although this might seem like a minor change, it could have major consequences for Americans who live in areas without broadband internet access.

It's important to note from the start that these are just preliminary discussions. The FCC has not decided to consider both wired and wireless internet access when it comes to the country's broadband goals, nor has it decided on the 10/1Mbps requirement. Requesting public comment on these proposals is ostensibly meant to allow experts, analysts, and the general public to influence the agency's regulation of broadband internet.

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I laugh bitterly

Whatever the outcome, the consumers in the US won't be on the winning side. Trump's new FCC appointee will make sure of that.

It'll be YUUUUUGE prices... or crap speeds.

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However they want to classify people who have "broadband speed" or not, it will be nice when my girlfriend's place can actually get it. She currently can only get 768K DSL for which she gets to pay $2-3 more per month than I do for my 60mb cable internet.

We've considered going the satellite route, but with a couple of teenagers in the house, the 50MB download cap before throttling won't last long until it will likely be just as slow as what she currently has but for a heftier price.

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The best satellite internet

The best satellite internet plan can't match the worst cable/DSL connection. Been there, done that. Lived in rural areas for years where even dial up was poor.

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Capitalism at its best.

Capitalism at its best. Someday North Korea will have faster broadband than the USA... assuming Kim Jong Un doesn't nuke Guam and the USA doesn't hit back. If he does, broadband speed is the last thing we should worry about.