Garmin Nuvi 56LM constantly rebooting


Hi everyone

Im new to this group and am hoping that you can help me.

I have a Garmin Nuvi 56LM which I use infrequently.
I took it out last week to charge it and it wont charge (either incar, via usb plug or even via the pc) as it keeps rebooting. It displays loading maps, then the garmin logo with the website and then immediately reboots.

I have spent 2 days online looking for answers as its the easter holidays and I am unable to talk to anyone from garmin tech support.

I have tried the following
I have tried soft and hard reboots but the problem still occurs.

When I try to erase all data (holding the power button and the bottom right corner of the screen) this is the only time that it seems to connect to the pc but only for 10-15sec and then it disconnects again. It was showing me the screen to erase all data with the Yes/No buttons but as quickly as I hit the Yes button, it reboot.

I am unable to see it via file explorer on the pc as it reboots too quickly.

I am unable to see it and therefore update the software, via garmin express as again it reboots too quickly.

It is impossible to switch it off as it keeps cycling through this reboot action every 10-15sec and I think that this is constantly draining the battery.

Has anyone any other ideas please ?




some ideas

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From your description of using the 56LM infrequently it sounds like this started with the battery being mostly discharged. It should be charged for up to 5 hours. It doesn't matter if it keeps rebooting - the battery will charge. Only use the Garmin cable it came with to connect it in the car! An off-brand cable there could have damaged the GPS with excess voltage. A Garmin (mains) wall charger is more convenient to charge it for a long time and provides twice as much electricity as the PC.

When connecting to the PC only use the Garmin USB cable it came with. Charging is slower from a PC. Make sure the PC does not sleep because the USB port will lose power.

I am recommending only Garmin cables because the pinout of the USB connector in an off-brand cable may not be the same as a Garmin cable and cause the GPS to behave incorrectly.

There is the possibility that one of the Garmin cables or their connector on the GPS have become damaged.

The rebooting may continue until the battery charges for a while. To try to stop the rebooting, hold the power button for a long time - more than 3 minutes. If that doesn't work try holding the power button and the upper left corner of the screen for 3 minutes.

If you can get the GPS to charge for a long time and to connect to the PC, use Garmin Express to do a software update. Do not start a software update with a discharged battery.

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Dead Battery?

I believe your issue stems from a dead battery.
This unit has a standby mode and if you didn't shut it down completely while holding the power button it will enter the standby mode. Since you mention you only use the GPS infrequently I suspect the battery is depleted thus causing it not to boot up properly due to lack of power.

If the battery is so weak it will NO longer boot either by connecting to the PC or plugging into the cigarette lighter since both methods rely on a proper boot. The unit will shut off using either method.

Since your located in Ireland I would suggest to purchase a Garmin international wall charger that that has adapters that will handle different outputs.

Using the wall charger will bypass the boot system and charge the battery.
Leave it charge overnight this should solve your problem, Just remember to power it down completely while not using to avoid this situation again.

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