Garmin Smart Link doesn't work using cellular LTE on Iphone 6s


Garmin DriveAssist 51 LMT‑S
Firmware version 3.10

Iphone 6s running iOS 10.3.1

Garmin Smart Link Version 2.4.1

I have a weird situation where when I am running the Smart Link app on cellular LTE no data gets sent to the Garmin. If however I am near wifi and turn on wifi all of a sudden the data does get sent to the Garmin for both the advanced weather and traffic. I checked even when I have max LTE signals and ever other app works perfect no data will go to the Garmin. As soon as I turn on wifi on the phone again it works. Finally had the idea to activate my VPN on my phone when on cellular and it works without wifi (using only cellular). Any ideas why using cellular Smart Link would only work with a VPN?

I tried the following things first:

1. I redid the bluetooth syncing about 10 times pairing and unpairing and forget this device, rebooting iphone and GPS
2. Varied the order of when Smart lInk was started
3. Updated phone and GPS to latest firmware
4. Did a hard reset. (1.View Map > Press Speed Indicator > click and hold speed indicator for 5 seconds > Clear all user data)

Here is my suggestion which

Here is my suggestion which may work for you. Un-pair your phone with your Garmin. Delete Bluetooth connection on your phone and Garmin.
Now delete Smartlink app from your iphone. Reboot your phone and download and install Smartlink app. Sync Bluetooth connection and try again.

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Thanks for the response

Thanks for the response. I actually did try that yesterday and still the same results. I also checked and the Garmin Smart Link app is allowed to use Cellular data on my iPhone but for me it doesn't seem to. I think the VPN somehow hides the fact that its using cellular and thats why it started working when using the VPN.

You are not alone

I have the same problem with my Galaxy S7 and my 3597.

It's not every time I turn on the 3597, but when it happens, all I have to do is disconnect the S7 from the 3597 and reconnect and all is well.

Sometimes turning the 3597 completely off and back on will work, but turning off the wifi and then turning it back on using the phone works 100% of the time.

I wonder if Garmin will fix this anytime soon - if at all.

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