Version 2.4 of Smartlphone Link for iOS now available

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I just saw that also and have the latest

The past few updates had fixed the issues I saw early on. I haven't noticed any problems of late. It's encouraging that Garmin feels it worthy to continue to support this.

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Thank you

Appreciate the info

cagpsfan wrote:Just

cagpsfan wrote:

Just downloaded a new version this morning.

Thanks for informing!

Please tell us if everything works normally, ok? And any information you deem pertinent.


Saw this and downloaded this morning

According to the update, it states that it has:
-Live Track Improvements
-3D touch start action for Live Track
-Swipe back gesture
-Other bug fixes.
I don't really know what some of this stuff is, but that is what it said on the update. Hopefully, it fixes some of the issues that are still plaguing SmartLink.

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