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For the last many years I've been running Examdiff to do file compares on my Windows 7 system. I've recently moved over to a Windows 10 system and when I went to download Examdiff I found out it's not supported under 10. There is a new version that is, but it's very expensive for my purposes.

So my question is: is there a file compare program out there that's reliable, safe and FREE that runs under Windows 10?


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Total Commander

Total Commander ( will perform file comparisons as well as many other useful functions.

I use

Run CMD At the command


At the command prompt:

FC [pathname1] [pathname2]
FC [switches] [pathname1] [pathname2]

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Several Applications

jgermann wrote:

and add he plugin "Compare"

If you go to this site (it is one of my favorite places for free software that doesn't need to be installed btw)

Then look at the to right, do a search of Compare, you will find at least 7 pages of applications to chose from..

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Thanks for the great leads. smile


The real programmers at work put me on to TextPad as a good Windows text editor about 15 years ago. While I paid for a license (which is still good), I think there is a free version. Among many other things, it has a pretty helpful file compare function.

If you get tired of Wordpad, you might give it a try.

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The old Examdiff works on Win10

After a suggestion from Alleghany, I downloaded and tested the latest version ( of Examdiff and it worked just fine. Thanks Alleghany.


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Notepad++ works

There are a lot of useful plugins. I have been using it for most of my programming for years.