Gas stations selling diesel?


Is anyone working on or knows of a poi that lists gas stations in the US that sell diesel fuel?

There are several

More popularly known as "truck stops".

If they sell it for big rigs, chances they have a pump somewhere on their premises that can put it in a car too.

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you can find that in the

you can find that in the auto fuel category.

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Truck stops are usually

Truck stops are usually located on interstates, not helpful if you are not near an interstate.

I did not see one that encompassed the US in the fuel catagory.

I know getting deisel doesn't seem like it would be a problem, but you would have to own one to see how hard it is to find a station that sells diesel sometimes. It usually happens when you are in a new area and way low on fuel.


I never had any trouble finding it around Denver. And it is even easier around San Antonio, about one out of three stations has it. Valero, HEB, and Walmart are usually the cheapest of the non-truckstop stations.

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I also did not see a poi

I also did not see a poi that gave diesel fuel "off the interstate". Am I missing something. We are full-time RVers and like to travel the backroads. Doesn't help us a whole lot when there are bunches of gas stations listed, but don't know which ones sell diesel!