Creating a gpx for school zone alerts in Edmonton Ab


I am trying to come up with some way to alert myself when in a school zone. I have made a POI but am a bit disappointed with the result. It seems my lat / long data source is set back so far from the road it requires a 1000 meter distance to register on my GPS
So.. I also have segment data, this I am assuming is the actual position on the road. I am also assuming I need to make a gpx file to use this..
So, my question.. can someone point to a good gpx generator.. or tutorials on creating one. Or.. otherwise advise on how best to utilize this kind of data: What I have as an example for the lat / long of a school:There are 230 in Edmonton
-113.4084288 53.46769799 Minchau(3615 Mill Woods Road East NW)
What I have for the segments of that school:
Minchau(3615 Mill Woods Road East NW) [[-113.40559822200,53.46760672590,-113.40631535700,53.46746978420,-113.40875320400,53.46700433600],[-113.40855106800,53.46676324960,-113.40875320400,53.46700433600,-113.40906399000,53.46744641350,-113.40933222800,53.46789830370,-113.40955596900,53.46835874820,-113.40965410000,53.46861572780]]

If.. anyone is up to helping me on this.. This is all new to me and if "we" could make something that works..

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Start with this FAQ

School Zone Alerts for Garmin devices w/o Garmin provided school zone alerts

You will be using only the locations in Edmonton AB.

I prefer the following .wav file for the alert (although you can always make one to your own liking)
school_zone slow down.wav

I would like to look at the hotspots.db you have. Would you please send it to me? Click on my Contact information.

it's been done in winnipeg

Yes indeed

dobs108 wrote:

It's Been Done In Winnipeg

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It was fun rereading that old thread.

Yes indeed, it can be a challenge to do a large task like creating a school zone POI with alerts for an entirely new city but with perseverance, it can be done and is very useful to those who need it.

If at first you don't succeed, ...

Reading from another

Reading from another link..
As jgermann stated, standard Custom alerts require the POI location (the lat/long you used for each school) to be "along the route," which means within about 100 feet of the roadway being travelled, regardless of the alert distance you set. Switching from a Custom POI "along the route" to a Custom TourGuide POI "alert radius" should help you.

The 100 feet from road way may be my problem. I was under the impression it was the radius sett that would trigger an alarm.

Now to figure some way (easy) to move all my coordinates to the center of the road. Can do it with Google maps but perhaps there are other less convoluted methods.

Lives in Edmonton AB A volunteer driver for Drive and uses a 2689 to find my way.

Extra POI Editor

EPE is how many of us adjust the "marker" for a POI.

Read these FAQs

Downloading and Installing EPE {G}
Configuring EPE {G}
Building alert distances in GPX files using EPE {G}

Try it and then ask questions. We will be glad to help


Did you get my email John?

Did you get my email John?

Lives in Edmonton AB A volunteer driver for Drive and uses a 2689 to find my way.